Summer, Day 49

Popcorn loved today.

Our dog's best canine friend, Bowie, has been gone for a month while our neighbors went on their honeymoon. We got Popcorn and Bowie within days of each other when they were both puppies. They love to play, especially wrestle. Popcorn missed her friend so much. She would run into their backyard and hope he was there, only to find it empty, even after looking in the doghouse. Today, they picked up where they left off, wrestling and playing for a while.

Michael is happy to have his best friend -- Bowie's boy -- back as well, and they played today, making duct tape flip-flops (I kid you not). Michael's morning was a little rough: We had to take him to KidsCare to confirm a diagnosis of swimmer's ear. He was prescribed some drops and not instructed (thankfully) to stay out of the water. I went to Walmart this morning to by a new garden hose, then in the afternoon straightened up the garage and swept out all the leaves while listening to the Brewers game on my MLB app on my Android. I took the boys to a birthday party in the late afternoon and stayed for dinner.

A free and clear week awaits!

 An even 50 tomorrow.


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