Summer, Day 55

The full day of thunderstorms forecast for today? Ten minutes of rain, total. If you are going to have rainy summer day, then it should rain and rain and rain. Today, with its clouds and humidity, just made me feel like I should have been outside more than inside.

This Saturday was kind of a breather day. Lori went to Kohl's, Harmon's and Shopko (where she took Ben for a new pair of flip-flops after the dog chewed up half of his previous pair), and I took Michael to Costco. I grilled sliders for dinner and watched an episode of "Tron: Uprising" with the boys. Popcorn and I took a longer walk. I'm trying to finally watch the last season of "Friday Night Lights" that I DVR'd starting in late 2010 and knocked out two more episodes tonight.

Today was the last day of my 11-day stretch of no work. I want to think the last 11 days were fun and somewhat full. I was somewhat productive from the writing standpoint, but not as much as I wanted to be. Back to work tomorrow and Tuesday, then I'm technically on vacation. Tomorrow's forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms. Let's see if the day is as scattered.

Day 56.


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