Summer, Day 67; Vacation, Day 3

My left knee is killing me.

I think I might have overworked this knee, with its likely torn meniscus, the past few days, especially Tuesday, because today, it has felt worse than it has in weeks. I'm icing it again right now and hoping it feels better in the morning.

We drove from Chicago to Merrill, Wis., to Lori's sister. We made good time, only stopping a couple times for bathroom breaks and lunch. The boys were excited to see their cousins. We went to dinner, then took it easy the rest of the evening. Tomorrow should be a fun day, weather permitting. I hope my knee permits, too.

Early Slug Bug scores: Michael 11, me 10, Ben 4, Lori 3. Admittedly, Lori is giving many of hers away ...

Read about our day on the lake.


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