Summer, Day 64

After a few busy days, I'm finally catching up. So yes, this is a couple days late ...

Monday was full of swim and preparation. The boys had swim practice in the morning and a meet in the evening. Michael swam a great meet, and Ben achieved a personal record in the backstroke despite not using his arms for much of the race. Yes, Ben stopped using his arms early in the race and just kicked across. He heard from a coach (maybe not one of ours) to go eight strokes and kick to the wall. When I told him that maybe the coach was explaining what do do when you saw the flags (near the end of the pool), he replied "Oh, that makes sense." After the meet, we picked up Costa Vida for dinner, then watched some fireworks our neighbors were setting off (Ben held his first sparkler and thankfully didn't burn himself).

The rest of the day was devoted to getting ready for our trip. I didn't go to bed until 1 a.m.

Vacation starts tomorrow!


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