Summer, Day 66; Vacation, Day 2

Lori and I were sore when we woke up. And still tired. The four beers I drank yesterday, not enough to give me a buzz, dehydrated me enough that I felt a little headache this morning. Lori had been busy with her convention, and I had been so swamped getting ready for a trip, that we needed a recovery day. Thankfully, my family was happy to help. My dad and siblings -- especially Megan, who starts college in a month -- entertained the boys all day. They watched Michael and Ben when Lori and I went to Target to pick up a few vacation supplies. Megan took the boys to the park. Later, they all went to the pool. Lori and I were planning on going, too, but when we didn't look too enthusiastic, they offered to let us stay home. We didn't argue, and instead went to Barnes and Noble for bookstore time without children.

After more relaxation, the family returned from the pool. We all, including my dad's girlfriend, went to Graziano's for dinner. After returning home, and after the boys and Lori went to dead, I wanted to blog outside, but Chicago is ridiculously humid, so I'm writing while watching a baseball game on ESPN. I feel recovered and ready to re-exhaust myself on vacation.

A bad knee day on Day 67.


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