Summer, Day 59

So much to do before vacation. Today, I knocked out the lawn and the last three episodes of "Friday Night Lights."

As usual, we started the day with the boys' swim practice. The boys played inside most of the afternoon, while I watched those last episodes of "Friday Night Lights" and got the lawn mowed. I grilled pork chops for dinner. The boys and I tried having a water fight after dinner (and after a hot day, the cold hose water wasn't so bad), but we cut it short after Michael scraped his back on the gate in our back yard. We watched a couple "Batman" episodes that I also was trying to clear off the DVR, the boys went to bed, and I'm running some laundry and getting the lawn watered.

Vacation is five whole days away. So much to prepare for that, but so much to do to enjoy these next few days here as well. In that sense, vacation has already begun.

Two days in one post, up next.


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