Summer, Day 50

Finally, today the boys and I enjoyed the summer adventure I had been craving.

Michael was worn out this morning, so they skipped swim practice. I had theorized taking them to the waterpark, but with his swimmer's ear, thought maybe a hike would be better for the early afternoon. The boys begrudgingly went along with the idea. We loaded Popcorn into the car and headed up Millcreek Canyon. I wanted to avoid the trail I saw the rattlesnakes on last month, so we drove up to the end of the road. We had never hiked from these trailheads but eventually figured out a good path to follow -- the Little Water Trail to Dog Lake.

The trail was a little more uphill than I had anticipated, and our calves were definitely burning, but not so bad that it was difficult. The temperature was 20 degrees cooler than the near triple digits in the valley. The bugs were annoying, but a family offered us some bug spray and lotion so the flies weren't biting us too much (though they were still flying around). Michael complained a little on the uphill, but both boys were troopers -- this wasn't an easy hike but they accomplished all 3.6 miles round trip. The dog loved the hike. Odd-numbered days in Millcreek Canyon or leash-optional (and no mountain bikes on this trail), so she got to run around and meet other dogs. When we got to the lake, Popcorn did something we've never seen her do before: swim. Normally, she will just wade in water to her knees, but today, she definitely swam out a little bit in water over her head and swam back. When we got to the lake, the boys realized the hike was worth it. Michael complained a little bit on the way back (the hike back never goes as fast as you want it to), but the trail was downhill to the car. We drove back home and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

The rest of our day was peaceful. We went to a swim store to get Michel some ear plugs for his infected outer ear canal. After getting back home, we watched the Home Run Derby. I'm on the porch now, and the air is still a little muggy. I'll go inside soon, go to bed, and rest for hopefully another adventure tomorrow.

 Summer fun on Day 51!


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