Summer, Day 42

I slept in late this morning, prompting Ben to ask me when I was going to wake up. I finally did, made an egg sandwich for breakfast, then took Michael outside to help me clear weeds from the side of the house near the air conditioner. We never see this, non-driveway side of the house, which tends to get a little overgrown. Vegetation wasn't encroaching upon the air conditioner, thankfully, so I pulled, clipped and chopped the weeds and quickly filled up the brown garbage can.

Lori was hosting a meeting of her committee from the boys' school, so I took them to the pool later in the afternoon. We ended up staying three hours. We encountered some of the boys' friends, and they splashed, dove and swam for a long time. I managed to actually read a few pages from a book while they swam, but I also splashed, dove (well, just jumped) and swam for a little while as well.

I grilled sliders for dinner, and we watched Olympic trials while we ate. I took Popcorn for a walk. I'm on the porch listening to an '80s station on Pandora. This was a nice Sunday.

The 43 on Day 43.


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