Summer, Day 71; Vacation, Day 7

Lori celebrated her birthday today. She's used to celebrating her birthday while we are on vacation, and I'm subsequently used to frantically trying to find her a present in Chicago every year. I took the boys into the city for what I was hoping for a short trip, but we ended up at the REI just west of Lincoln Park. I reminded the boys not to bug me much while I'm navigating Chicago streets. The nice thing, however, after winding our way through the city, was being able to hop on the Kennedy Expressway and zip back to my dad's house.

The rest of the afternoon was a little lazy. Dad and his girlfriend watched the boys in the evening while Lori and I went out for her birthday and to celebrate our 15th anniversary a few days early. We drove to Navy Pier, explored a little, went to eat at Harry Caray's tavern, explored some more, sat and gazed at the lake and the city while I drank an overpriced beer, and rode the Ferris wheel. Afterward, we drove to Buckingham Fountain, and though we didn't time our visit to see the fountain show (and at 90 degrees out at 9:30 p.m., we didn't want to wait), it was a perfect end to the evening.

Slug Bug scores: Michael 17, me 15, Ben 12, Lori (still giving many of hers away, and she's dropping out of the game after she flies back to Utah tomorrow) 6.

The vacation continues by clicking here.


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