Summer, Day 20

Soccer season ended last Saturday. This Saturday, baseball season ended, smack dab in the middle of a busy day.

For the first time in weeks, we had nothing going on Saturday morning. I went for a long run that felt good, but my left knee hurt afterward. I iced it while coming up for a lineup for the boys' baseball game. Their head coach is out of town, so I was running the team for the season finale. We played OK, but lost 3-2. The best part of the game was that some of the Twins who hadn't gotten hits in a while did in their last game, including Ben! He hit a rocket (for him at least) down the third base line and stared for a second or two at what he had just done. After Lori and I simultaneously yelled "Run!" he beat the throw to first base for just his third hit of the season. He was so excited that he was still celebrating a couple batters later. A few other kids got key hits, too, but unfortunately, our good hitters were striking out or not hitting the ball as hard as they normally do (including Michael, who went for 3-for-3 but couldn't get a ball out of the infield). As a coach (even an assistant hoping), you have to look for the positive things -- and four kids who hadn't reached base in weeks getting hits was great. Still, it's tough not to feel bad when you lose a close game. But you put on a brave face, praise the kids and tell them how proud you are of them. And we were proud.

We got home and got ready for the second big event of the day: our neighbors' wedding. Of course, Michael had a birthday party at the same time. The boys weren't invited to the ceremony/dinner part of the wedding but were to the reception/DJ part after. A sitter watched Ben while Michael went to his classmate's pool party (he got a ride home from another parent). We drove up Millcreek Canyon to the wedding. The ceremony was nice, and dinner was good, though it was all outside and a little chilly before the staff of the inn deployed heat lamps. We drove back down the canyon, picked the boys up (and were impressed they were dressed) and returned to the wedding. Michael hung out with his best friend (the son of the bride) while Ben brought his dancing skills, including some faux breakdancing (which is new) to the floor. After a couple fun hours, both boys were worn out, so we went home.

I watched the final episode of the first season "Game of Thrones" while everyone else fell asleep. I was going to get  up and type this post, but I was exhausted, so I went to bed early (for me at least). I knew I wouldn't forget anything about this Saturday and could write about it Sunday.

An easy Sunday awaits: Day 21.


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