Summer, Day 15

By noon on Monday, I no longer had a kindergartner.

Today's was Ben's last day of school (Michael goes through Wednesday). We can now call him a first-grader. This school year went so quickly, yet we've seen Ben grow and learn so much these past nine months. He will do great in first grade. But Lori and I will never have kindergarten again.

I took Ben to Seven Peaks (formerly Raging Waters) after his short day ended, just to say we went to a waterpark on his last day of school. He's not tall enough to go on everything, including Cliffhanger, which scared the heck out of me last summer. He wanted to try  it, but I went first so I could watch him. I told the lifeguard that this was his first time, and she asked if he was a good swimmer. I said yes, he's on swim team, but that I'm still a little nervous for him (and me). I went, got a little water up my nose, swam back to the side, and waited for Ben's turn. I don't know if he was nervous, but he went, flew into the water, swam back to side and declared how great it was. "Let's go on again, and this time, let's battle!' he said, meaning let's go side by side. I thumbs-upped the lifeguard, then we walked around and rode again. We didn't stay at the waterpark too long -- going on a few more slides, spending some time in the wave pool and taking a lap around the lazy river. But we achieved our goal -- going to a waterpark on the last day of school.

This wasn't the end to our watery day, however. The boys had swim practice in the 90-degree heat, and I sat by the pool and watched. Michael partook in diving practice while Ben and I swam some more. After diving practice, Ben wanted to jump off the diving board several times while Michael wanted to play with his dive team friends whom he hadn't seen since last summer. We finally went home and ate dinner. I took Popcorn for a walk, then came home and watched "The Sting" on TCM.

Day 16, brrr!


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