Summer, Day 30

Blessedly, today was cooler and not as tiring as yesterday. But here I am late, thinking I should get to bed soon. So I will make this brief.

We skipped swim practice for the boys this morning after the late swim meet last night. I did have to take them to my haircut, but they behaved, and Ben marveled at the unique men's room (just spacious with artwork), declaring "This is incredible!" Michael had basketball camp in the afternoon -- just two more days, and though he's loving it, I'm ready for it to be done. Two hours from 12-2 is limiting what we can do around the camp, though today Ben and I did assemble our new portable fire pit. The boys did go to the afternoon swim practice, and I try to work out, but my brain and knee couldn't stay focused to get a coherent workout. I made Hamburger Helper for dinner, watched the Heat-Thunder game (Heat won) and took Popcorn for a walk

Day 30 over. Not so bad, and restful.

Day 31 here.


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