Summer, Day 37

I've mentioned a few times in the past couple weeks experiencing somewhat lazier summer days brought on sometimes out of circumstance, sometimes out of necessity. I was accepting that these days are inevitable and not to get too bent out of shape when they happen.

Today was one of those days, and I'll be honest, I'm getting annoyed.

Tuesday was hot again. We usually don't get this much heat until July, suggesting that by August, I might be ready for winter. No, that won't happen, but the high temps are hampering what we want to do outside. We took Popcorn to the park for a little while to throw the ball to her, but without any shade, this much heat and sun is a little too much for a sprinting black dog. We stayed only about 10-15 minutes before going home and cooling her off.

The boys didn't go to swim practice this morning, instead going to the afternoon session. They have been reluctant to do anything in the heat as well, begrudgingly going to the park with the dog and me (not as if they had a choice). I dropped them off at swim practice, then went to work. I'm here typing on the balcony; the sun has set; and the air has cooled a little (unlike last night, when it didn't).

That was our whole day. We didn't do much in between. We were tired, put off by the heat, and not very ambitious. Tomorrow will be different because we already have plans. I think that's the key -- being ready to do something figured out the night before. I'm already planning Thursday.

Day 38 was better.


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