June is daylight. Hours upon hours of daylight. June is late sunsets and early sunrises. June hates the night.

June is achievement. The school year is complete. The long trek from winter to summer is complete. June is success.

Summer always feels so damn new in June. But it comes with a price -- come the summer solstice, the days start to get shorter again. But June isn't a time to worry about that. June is a warmth that doesn't look ahead.

June is all about sunsets. June is "Sister Golden Hair" by America, the opening riff of which just sounds like a sunset.

June is that first jump into the pool. It's reruns, too -- reruns you won't bother watching because you are outside, thinking about walking to get ice cream or a snow cone.

June is Madonna's "Borderline" and Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me." It's the best beer you will taste all year, imbibed outside on a warm night with the warm city getting into your skin. June is Zaxxon and NBA Finals and reading a book by the pool.

This is June.


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