Summer, Day 26

Today, I figured out how to fully straighten my left leg out, which I haven't been able to do for days because my knee is swollen. All I had to do was not fully step on the stoop with my whole foot, thus letting the back of my foot sag down, thus stretching out my whole leg. I yelped so loud I think the neighbors heard me.

No, I didn't mope today as much as yesterday, but I am wishing this weekend would end and the missed Wasatch Back was behind me. So this is what a Friday night before Father's Day at home is like?

The day started early with the boys' swim practice. They didn't get much breakfast, so we met Lori at The Other Place to eat. Our afternoon featured a hike on the dog trail with one of Michael's friends (and his dad and dog). We shopped for two birthday presents, then came home and made dinner. Lori and I watched a little of a classic "Dallas" episode that is unintentionally being DVRed. We all watched "Iron Man" after dinner.

And here I am, 11:30, wondering where my Ragnar team is in the mountains. On the bright side, at least I will get plenty of sleep tonight.

Day 27 ...


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