Summer, Day 21

I'm out on the balcony at work, waiting for the sun to set and enjoying a slightly crisp summer evening. Everything going on in the sports world today is about done, and I didn't go for a walk tonight, so instead, I'm taking my dinner break outside with my laptop. The sun is inching its way downward to Antelope Island. I love summer nights such as this.

I slept late this morning and woke to a lot of knee pain. My left knee hasn't felt right for a couple months, and just in the past week, it's hurting more. This morning, I couldn't straighten it out. I think something inside is swollen, and though running on it didn't hurt yesterday, doing everything else seemed to hurt today, including just bending it sometimes. I've resigned myself to the idea that I should see a doctor about this. I don't know if it's just inflamed ligaments or something worse, but I'm tempted to wait until after the Wasatch Back, which starts Friday. I worry a doctor would tell me to shut it down and not run, which is wise but would also be a bummer. But it would suck more if I did more damage by not shutting it down sooner. I iced the back of my knee (where it's hurting) and took ibuprofen today, and I avoided taking a long walk at work. Tomorrow morning, I may try running downhill on concrete, mirroring one of my Ragnar legs, and see how it feels. If I rest it all week, I may be OK for the race. It's not hurting when I run (at least, it didn't yesterday, just after).

Our Sunday was uneventful otherwise. We did a big (and necessary) Costco trip. We raised the rim in the new basketball hoop so Michael could practice on a 10-foot basket in advance of basketball camp, which starts tomorrow. And here I am at work in what I hope will be an early night.

The sun just set. A busy day is in store for us tomorrow, with basketball camp and a swim meet. And possibly, a visit to a sports medicine specialist.

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