The imperfect storms

Late May and early June in Utah goes something like this: We get a few cold/rainy days between Memorial Day and the first few days of June as spring makes its final stand; the temperature shoots up toward 90 once or twice; the rain never comes back; and summer is in full swing (eventually with highs staying above 90 until late August).

This time period has been different this year: about three straight weeks of rain. Temperatures haven't been too cold, but not too warm either. We've had a couple sunny hours sneak in here and there, but for the most part, it's felt like Seattle rather than a high desert in the summer.

And, it's starting to piss me off. I know I have complained about bad weather before in my posts, and I know much of the country is getting this suck-tacular weather as well. But I'm going to vent anyway.

I love the first few weeks of June heading into the solstice. I love those first trips to the pool, those warm mornings, those sunset viewings as the setting sun crawls northward day by day until the solstice, when it will start creeping back. This year: No pool trips (other than one visit to an indoor pool). Mornings have been chilly, as have been evenings. I haven't even seen the sun set in a month -- it's a week until the solstice and I'm missing out on the buildup. I won't even get into my inability to find sunny time to mow the lawn.

Yes, after years of drought, Utah needs the rain, but we're starting to see flooding. The thunderstorms aren't even worth it, because they aren't as impressive as Midwestern boomers. The forecast for the next few days: More chances of thunderstorms, with maybe a break next weekend.

Dammit, summer, we're waiting ...


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