The heat is on

Finally, Salt Lake City has stopped feeling like Seattle. Yes, the rain has departed and the heat has arrived.

Today started early with us driving Wife to work. We had a minor car accident a couple weeks ago that was major enough to leave us without the use of our Outback, permanently (the car suffered more damage than it was worth). We're on the verge of getting a replacement but had to return the rental the insurance company paid for on Saturday. So, we're down to one car for a few days until we buy another one. After taking Wife to work, I got the boys in the stroller and went out for a walk/run.

This was the first time I had run with both boys in the stroller since I started up again. It was challenging, simply because I'm pushing 80-plus pounds, plus the stroller, in a non-flat neighborhood. I mostly walked the minor uphills and tried to stay hydrated as the heat set in. Littlest enjoyed it, and though Eldest complained of being bored, I don't think he minded it, either.

We ran an errand in the afternoon, and the drive involved the first significant air conditioning in the Corolla this year. It worked well, and on the way back we stopped to gawk at the new waterpark that opened in the suburbs. It looked like fun, but was for another time. We had planned to go swimming at the JCC in the late afternoon, with Wife meeting us after taking the light rail from downtown.

We arrived to swim in the heat but were disappointed to find out the outdoor pool was closed because of a swim meet. All the rain of the past weeks postponed this meet twice to this night, unfortunately. We swam inside and still had fun, but for not as long as we planned (the pool was chilly; Littlest's lips turned blue quickly; and honestly, some of the wind was taken out of our sails). We picked up dinner and came home.

Despite the move inside, this was a good summer day, one I've been waiting for all month. The day was hot, and we stayed cool and had fun. As long as Seattle doesn't return, today was a good blueprint for the rest of the summer.


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