Best Fourth ever

We had a great Fourth of July today. We didn't do anything spectacular, travel anywhere or blow anything up, but instead simply had a fun day.

The day started this morning with our neighborhood's Fourth of July parade. Eldest rode his bike the whole way, while Littlest was content to sit in the wagon. We had lunch at the potluck after and talked with some neighbors while the boys played.

Some clouds rolled in, and rather than risk going to the pool and having it rain on us, we hung out at home; then I eventually took Eldest to see the new Ice Age movie. We both enjoyed it, and after, we drove home and I started the grill.

Our dilemma was whether to keep the boys awake to watch fireworks at a nearby park. The show wouldn't start until 10, which is far past their bedtime. But we gave it a shot, and it worked out well. We loaded the running stroller and walked down, finding a good spot on the lawn at the high school right next to the park. This is Salt Lake City's main fireworks, and this large park is full of people, so we felt fortunate to find as good a spot as we did.

The boys stayed awake until the show, helped by a few glow sticks we bought off a roving vendor. And then, the fireworks started, and they loved it, especially Littlest, who laughed with delight for the first five minutes. The look on his face was so worth it; I'm glad we kept him awake (he fell asleep on the walk home, wearing two of those pliable glow sticks bent into necklaces).

While we were waiting for the show, I asked Wife what her favorite Fourth of July was, and I tried to remember mine (sadly, the first one that came to mind was the year my Dad brought home a bag of M-80s). But the four of us watching fireworks together for the first time, capping a fun day, cemented the fact that 2009 became my favorite.


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