A worthwhile hiatus

Yes, it's almost been two months since my last post, but I had a good reason -- I wrote a novel.

I participated in National Novel Writing Month, which challenges would-be writers to pen 50,000 words in November. After years off wanting to write something beyond a short story, and after a few mis-starts, I did it -- I wrote 50,000 words in the form of a complete short novel.

I haven't yet to read anything I wrote, giving myself a little more time before I delve back into it. And I really don't think I wrote anything that interesting, but in a way, that's not the point. I wrote a fictional book, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

So, last month I poured all my creative efforts into the novel and didn't blog here. I have no excuse for December, but at least I started again before the end of the decade. See you soon.


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