You want something to disappear forever? Talk to my 3-year-old.

Littlest found the case storing the third season of 30 Rock, which I took out of the library; took a disc out, and placed it somewhere we can't find. We know it was him because he took another one out today, even though I put it somewhere else. We have a few days to find it, but I'm thinking we're buying the library a new DVD.

Today, I turned the oven on to warm up some taco shells, eventually opened it up to find something orange and plastic melting in it. Later on, Littlest comes to the oven, looks inside and says "Hey, it's gone!" We think it was a Tinker Toy. Aside from our concern about him opening up the oven ... it just shows that he's relocating things into odd spaces. At least I didn't see a melted DVD as well ...


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