Pancake breakfast

Today at Littlest's co-op preschool, I was the snack parent. Normally, that entails bringing and preparing an easy snack. Today, instead, I was directed to make pancakes.

It was Pajama Day for the kids, and to coincide, Littlest's teacher planned pancakes to be made by the snack parent, which today, was me. I hadn't made pancakes in years, but they didn't turn out too badly. There was no cooking spray for the griddle, but oddly, my pancakes didn't start sticking until the fourth batch. Other than that glitch and the fact I might have used the green scratchy side of the sponge to clean the pan (who knew -- aren't griddles made tougher? -- but I don't think I scratched it that much), everything turned out all right. I should try to make pancakes at home sometime ... and let someone else clean the griddle.

(FYI, Pajama Day was successful except that Littlest didn't want to wear PJs this morning. I couldn't figure out why. Eldest had a PJ Day last month and didn't want to either. Weird).


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