The space between

It was sort of a disjointed day today, and though it wasn't necessarily bad, it wasn't as productive or fun-packed as I would have hoped for.

We had to drop the car at the mechanic this morning, then I tool Wife to work. Picked up some breakfast and put some gas in the car on the way home for Break 1. If there was going to be a time today when I would have been semi-productive, it would have been right now, but alas, I wasn't. We got Eldest from school, picked up Happy Meals, then came home for Break 2. We then took Littlest to speech therapy, came home for Break 3. We went to pick Wife up, drove to get the car at the shop, then I went to a meeting of the Wasatch Back team with which I'm running. Came home, ate dinner, taught the boys Crazy Eights, and everyone went to bed, leading me to now: Break 4. At least I'm doing something mildly contructive in this break.

Tomorrow should be a little less crazy. And I don't have to work, so it will be more fun.


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