10 hours

Today was quite a busy day for us, and especially for the boys. Eldest had his last soccer game of the season, both boys then had a birthday party, we came home and they ended up playing some more, then it was our street's block party, at which neither child ate much but played the whole time through.

After computing our day, I came up with a number: Both boys played in some way, shape or form for at least 10 hours today. This is what summer is supposed to be about for kids under age 13. This is what we as a society have somewhat gotten away from as we overschedule and overprotect more than our parents did 30 years ago, and their parents did 60 years ago.

Both boys were exhausted when they finally wound down for the night. Both needed bathing -- we decided to save the showers for tomorrow. Let them sleep and see if they can put in another 10-hour day tomorrow.


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