The no-manic Monday

As promised in my last post, I took it easy on Monday, the first weekday of winter break. It was relaxing, to say the least.

The day wasn't completely lazy. We did make it to Smith's Marketplace to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. The trip there did bring the funniest moment of the day when I had Eldest try on a pair of pants (he's getting to tall for his current non-sweatpants). He's in the dressing room and taking a long time, and I asked if everything is OK. He says the pants are caught on something, and I go in to check and discover the pants are caught on something: the original pants he was wearing that he never took off! After he figured out his mistake, he started over, only to put the new pants on backward. Needless to say, we didn't buy the khakis that so confused him.

After finally getting our Christmas lights hung up on the porch, we took the boys to see Santa. This is the same Santa to whom we've taken the boys for six years running, getting a picture every year. Littlest was excited, but Eldest froze when he was asked what he wanted for Christmas. We met some friends at Santa and went to dinner across the street from his shack, then looked at some Christmas lights on the way home.

Things will get back on track a little Tuesday. They have to -- I have to work Tuesday night. But today was the uneventful Monday I'd been craving all football season (I've been working Sunday nights since September). I think the boys needed it, too.


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