We've now owned Maggie, our new kitten, for about a month. Littlest and I took her to the vet today to get a feline leukemia booster shot and to get her ulcerated eye checked. I'm happy to report that her eye is looking better, she's completely healed from getting fixed, and that in three weeks since we took her to the vet last, she's gained a pound. I've noticed she's looking bigger -- our kitten is going to be full-sized in a few months.

Maggie has so incorporated herself into our family. She loves the boys (unlike our last cats, who barely tolerated them; granted, the cats were there first ...), is comfortable in our house, and is as active and playful as the day we first took her home from the shelter. She's a little too curious about outside (we are keeping her an indoor cat); hopefully, she won't try making a mad dash out a door. And, Maggie encountered her first dog up close and was fine. We had a friend bring over her chihuahua that was not mich bigger than Maggie. The dog left her alone, but Maggie hissed a couple times, but also tried getting the dog to play. It's a good sign -- as long as we bring a friendly, not-too-big (but not chihuahua size) dog home and we're careful, Maggie and the new friend should get along fine.

But that's in the future. For now, we're enjoying our new member of the family.


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