Super star

At preschool this week, Littlest was "Star of the Week." The recipient of Star of the Week gets a poster dedicated to him or her, on which the child draws a picture of his family, has all his favorites listed, and has comments from his family, teacher and all his classmates what they like about him.

We've been through this before, twice with Eldest and now twice with Littlest. But it was Littlest's answers that highlighted this Star of the Week, particularly what he wanted to be when he grew up. Littlest answered that he wanted to be happy when he grew up. A few years ago, Eldest declared he wanted to be a parent when he grew up, which was awesome. Littlest's happy comment might have been the cutest I've heard in all the years at this preschool (even cuter than the girl who wanted to own a Target when she grew up.

I could have talked for minutes on what I liked about Littlest. About how proud I am of him for working so hard these past couple years in speech therapy (I somewhat mentioned that). About how smart he is (I did mention that). About how he gives great hugs and is so sweet. About how he looks for the best in everyone. About how enthusiastic he is about everything. But I finished with how he loves to sing, and not just kids songs. This led to a short rendition of Weezer's "If You're Wondering" complete with Littlest belting out the line "Girl!" It was classic.

Littlest will always be my star. So will Eldest. I love my galaxy.


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