Burn notice

We bought waterpark passes this year and got a good deal on them, and a week into summer vacation, we went for the first time. The weather was warm but not too hot, the water in the wave pool was pleasant, and the park wasn't too crowded. We ran into one of Eldest's friends and his family (he has a younger brother who is Littlest's age) and hung out with them for a while. Littlest didn't like hanging on to a inner tube in the wave pool, but otherwise didn't mind, in fact, kind of enjoyed big waves crashing over him. He also rode a waterslide in a tube all by himself and declared "I did it!" as he emerged from the slide.

The passes are great because we didn't feel the need to go on everything today. We spent a few hours there and left, and will come back again, maybe next week. I made one little miscalculation, however: sunscreen.

When we got home, I noticed by left shoulder and some of my back were red. I got a small burn yesterday on that shoulder and wondered if that made it a little more vulnerable. I need to do a better job/get some help lotioning my back, but I was a little surprised my shoulder got red -- I'm usually good about getting my shoulders.

Eldest got the most unusual sunburn I've ever seen: He's red on his calves, his lower back right near the waistline and the back of his upper arms (the non triceps/biceps side). Part of his waistline burn was that his trunks sagged a little lower beyond where we put lotion on. But the red was still unusual for someone who didn't fall asleep on his stomach in the sun for three hours, but I have a theory on what happened. Eldest also loved the wave pool and had a tube to himself. He was hanging on the tube with his arms draped over the side, his back somewhat parallel the top of the tube, and likely, his legs bent in the deep water so that his calves were parallel (and likely near) the surface of the water. Couple in the facts two hours went by before I realized (and thus didn't reapply right away) and an SPF30 for my lighter-skinned child, and the sunburns make a little more sense.

The burns weren't bad -- they will probably be fine by tomorrow. We'll get it figured out the next time we go, and we won't forget the calves.


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