Bowled over

The boys are on spring break this week, and we're in St. George for a few days for a much-needed mini-vacation. Today was our first full day here, and though Lori had to work (her mini-vacation starts Wednesday), the boys and I enjoyed took advantage of our leisure time. We went swimming for a couple hours around lunch time -- the boys had a blast after meeting some other boys their age. Next was lunch at In 'n' Out Burger, which is kind of becoming a St. George tradition for us. After lunch, we went bowling.

It's been awhile since we've hit the lanes, but Michael, with a heavy ball (we couldn't find any junior balls and I didn't think to ask the front desk right away), rolled a strike with his first throw. It was downhill from there for him. He didn't want to play with the bumpers, and he was turning his wrist as he threw, resulting in a lot of gutters. I eventually got a light ball for the boys, but I think it was a little too beat up, because Michael would throw it straight, it would get about three-quarters down the lane, and it would make a sudden left turn into the gutter. I found him a 10-pound ball near the end of the second game, which he started throwing better and straighter, to the point he was rejoicing hitting any pins. We left with him asking if he could get his own bowling ball.

Ben played with the bumpers and did well, getting about six spares over two games. He tried the lighter ball with diminished results -- the 8-pounder didn't bounce off the bumpers so well when thrown as slowly as Ben throws. He switched back to the heavy ball with better success, even calculating where to angle the ball to get the optimum bounce off the bumpers. All that Wii Bowling (100-pin bowling, with bumpers) paid off for him.

I did not bowl well, missing too many spares and finishing with a 110 and 117. Ick.

We picked Lori up and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. After returning to the hotel, we went swimming again, with the boys splashing around for another hour. Needless to say, they zonked out quickly tonight.


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