Cold pollution

We don't get ridiculously cold weather in Salt Lake City like Lori and I endured while growing up in the Midwest. We do get inversions, though -- pollution trapped in the valley by a high pressure, keeping SLC cooler than it should be and hazing out the sun. I can live with the tradeoff, but this current inversion is souring my mood.

Pollution-wise, we've seen worse since we got here. I know better not to do anything strenuous outside. This inversion has been colder than usual, however, and it's pissing me off. I'm not saying we need temperatures in the 50s, but 30s would be nice. I don't want to walk the dog and her more pointer coat (not as much hair as she would have if she was all lab) far when the temperature is in single digits. Michael has been begging me to take him sledding, but I don't want to deal with the cold and the haze. I know I lived through much worse in Chicago and Wisconsin, but after 12 years here, single-digit lows are too cold. To add insult to frost, the zipper on my heavy winter coat broke this morning.

We got a break today: Temperatures climbed into the high 30s, and stayed in the low 30s by evening -- warm enough to take the dog for a walk. Though I didn't want to breathe in too much gunk, Popcorn desperately needed the exercise, so we went for about 3.5 miles. The walk felt good for me, too. I can deal with some winter. I don't mind bundling up for the cold if it's not too cold. But I'm ready for this inversion to end. The pollution might blow out soon in the next couple days, but the forecast is for more cold next week.

In the meantime, I'll keep dreaming of summer ...


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