Just a short post tonight. I wanted to write something after being inexcusably idle from posting the last few days. So here I go ...

The inversion over the Salt Lake Valley lifted, only to be replaced by a snowstorm yesterday. But the toxic fog is gone. So what happens? Lori, Ben and I all have tickles in our throats. Lori theorized it's because our throats haven't been used to fresh air in weeks.

Michael played a basketball game tonight with his Boys & Girls Club team. This team drives him a little nuts because many of his teammates don't listen to their coaches and barely pass. That shouldn't be an excuse for him, but he doesn't quite play as hard as he does with his other teams. Tonight, this team played great and, for once, as a team. Michael responded with his best game in this league, playing great defense, pulling down about 7 rebounds, getting fouled in the act of shooting three times (alas, he was 0-for-6 from the free throw line), almost making a really sweet running jumper from the side, and finishing with 2 points.

I added the demo version of Minecraft to my phone for Michael. He's hooked already. It's not out for the Nook, so at some point, I'll probably buy the full version for him and just accept they boys will be playing games on my phone more than ever.

Today was otherwise a disjointed day. Mondays are always like that for me. The rest of the week awaits. Tonight, sleep awaits.


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