Stuck in a moment you can't get out of

Standing in place sucks.

The last two weeks have been a morass of coughing, fatigue and unproductivity. I want to move forward and can't figure out why I'm not.

Two weeks ago, I was looking forward to February. I had goals. I was optimistic. Then, I got sick. the tickle in my throat turned into a cold, then a fever. I never get fevers, so I was understandably knocked out.

I got better, though I still have a tickle in my throat causing a cough. Lori and the boys got sick. The weather improved, but then an inversion (rare for February) returned. The fog blew through, but now it's unusually cold for February in Salt Lake City (when it should be low 40s).

We continued with our busy lives. No complaints, but the busy lives seemed more taxing, more looming this week. I can't seem to get to bed early, but am tired even when I get enough sleep.

Almost two weeks later, I can't seem to get back on track with the goals and optimism I was feeling. And it's really frustrating.

I'm hoping for Monday as a return to forward plan. I'm only working Sunday next week and want to be productive during my free time. I want to return to working out like I was before getting sick (I've lost 12 pounds so far in 2013 and don't want to stop). I have no control over this, but I want the cold weather to end so I can get Popcorn out for long walks again.

I want to stop standing in place. I'm ready to run.


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