Summer 2013, Day 65; Vacation, Day 11

If my posts from this vacation seem unusually short and nondescript, it's because I haven't written one on the actual day. I haven't had the will to write much this trip, so tonight, I finally caught up with some basic details of each day. Tonight, I can at last write about the past day.

First, I should write something about this vacation. It's been fun but tiring and stressful. I got hit with so much freelance work that dominated my thinking and what should have been leisure time that I feel like I barely had time to enjoy the trip. As a freelancer, I know I'm bound to do a little work on my trip, but I wasn't really prepared for the volume of work that I got. Two new blogs that I'm ghost-writing started up, and I was given back a white paper to make a few revisions. One of the new blogs and the white paper were challenging and took a lot of time. Add two posts for a previous blog I had been doing, and by the end of the night, I wasn't in the mood to write.

Getting all this work at once was just bad luck and timing, and as I try to cement my standing as a freelancer, I didn't feel like I could turn it down. And hell, all this work pretty much will pay for the vacation. Still, I'm here near the end of the trip just exhausted, mentally and physically. What I have to remember is that the boys have had so much fun on this trip, especially with their extended family who they only get to see once a year. My fatigue might be a bummer, but it was worth it if we created memories for Michael and Ben. Besides, we may take another trip in October that will be just the four of us, and I can emphasize that I don't want anything with a quick turnaround assigned to me that week.

OK, so today, the last full day of our trip. I slept late and ... worked on another blog post. It rained hard off and on all day, limiting the plans my dad had with the boys (he was going to take them back to the dog beach). We played Ticket to Ride in the afternoon and Ben dominated. I mailed a package back to Salt Lake City. I was antsy afterward, so I went for a drive, going to an old haunt -- Oriole Park -- to take some pictures and suck in the nostalgia (more on this in another post). My father had invited some of the extended relatives over, and we ate dinner and caught up with them. I finished my night by going for a long walk and sitting on the porch blogging.

We go home tomorrow, and though I'm sad this trip went so fast and I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wished I could, I will be happy to get on with life in Utah. I'll miss Chicago as I always do when we visit, but I'm ready to be home.


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