Summer 2013, Day 60; Vacation, Day 6

We took Lori to the Glenview train station early this morning. Her company's annual meeting begins in Milwaukee, and she took the Amtrak north -- we will meet her tomorrow on our way to northern Wisconsin. Michael was sad after she left, so I took both boys to Walmart to get them White Sox t-shirts. I had promised to buy  Ben one after he had to give his jersey back after baseball season. After returning home, I found White Sox tickets on StubHub, and our afternoon was set.

The Cubs are not in town all trip, so I thought it would be fun to see the other Chicago team, my allegiance to the North Siders be damned. I wanted to spend more time at U.S. Cellular Field than we did, but we hit a lot of traffic on the way to the stadium. When we finally made it into the ballpark, I bought Michael and me new hats, and we sat down in some pretty decent seats I got far under face value for the game.

The White Sox defeated the Braves 3-1 in a game that went way too fast. After the third inning, I took the boys around the stadium, including the "Fundamentals" area where kids could try a hitting machine (Michael whiffed five times; the machine was set a little fast ...) and other fun baseball activities. I bought them ice cream in a mini White Sox helmet, and by the time we got back to our seats, it was almost the end of the sixth inning. We watched the rest of the game, including an impressive, leaping, home-run saving catch in the ninth, and got to witness the postgame fireworks characteristic of a White Sox game. We then fought an hour of traffic to get back to my dad's house.


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