Summer 2013, days 95-96

Today was cloudy. I wanted to take the boys to the waterpark tonight after school, but we had clouds. Yesterday wasn't as bad, but these two days are just a reminder that summer is winding down.

I've turned my attention to fantasy football, with a draft coming up Thursday. I haven't afforded my preparations the usual attention I do every August, so I'm playing catchup.

I've also been focusing on the boys' soccer seasons. I'm coaching both teams again and am looking forward to the year.

Sunday, I took the dog on a hike and worked. Today, I worked a little bit, walked the dogs twice, bought and installed a new toilet seat, and took the boys to the JCC, where Ben resumed swim workouts and Michael and I played basketball for a while.

Yep, the wind-down is in progress. I'm mostly resigned to it. It's OK.


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