Summer 2013, days 73-88

This blog came to a screeching halt the past two weeks.

Luckily, nothing catastrophic caused this hiatus. I got my wish: The last few weeks of summer have been jam packed.

Some of the craziness has been work. I'm getting as much freelancing as I unintentionally did during vacation. I'm not complaining -- the work has been challenging and productive, and it will be a means to achieve the other goals I've been trying to reach for a while.

But much of the hiatus is a result of cramming a lot into these last two weeks. We took a little trip to a lake in remote Utah, went to the pool and waterpark often, saw a couple concerts, and prepared for the coming school year. The boys have hung out with their friends. Before I knew it, two weeks have passed and I hadn't blogged.

Admittedly, the freelance writing has sapped some of my energy to otherwise blog. If I'm with my laptop, I feel the need to work and succeed with the contract jobs. I have deadlines I must keep, and I want to get ahead of those deadlines rather than scramble to make them. I need to find a balance with the freelancing because I only want to write more in the coming months. I shouldn't be using my writing jobs interfere with my passion for writing.

School starts for the boys Wednesday, and the routine will change. I hate to say I'm looking forward to summer ending, but I'm ready to get everything on track. And though I think this summer went way too fast, at least I know that the boys had a great time, and that we did indeed cram a lot in not just these past two weeks, but the last 10 weeks. I hope I never forget that fact, or forget this summer.

I'm going to try to catch up with the highlights of the past two weeks in some form, but for now, I'm going to talk about Day 88. We saw Michael Franti today at Red Butte Garden. Lori dropped me off to wait in line at about 1, and surprisingly, the afternoon went rather quickly. I found a decent spot on the lawn once I got inside the venue, and Lori and the boys found me and brought dinner.

The concert, just like last year, was great. Ben had a blast again, the spot we were in was just about perfect in that we didn't have to pick him up as much. Michael ... was Michael: He doesn't get into concerts like his brother does. The band played for a long time, but it still seemed too short. The concert finally ended and we went home, singing through the parking lot back to our car.

We aren't making it to Lagoon this summer, so this concert was kind of our sendoff to the season before school starts.The summer has treated us well.


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