Summer, Day 82

Both of my legs are wobbly tonight and a little sore (there is ice on my knee as I type). My right inner feels a little dazed after a night of loud music. I am still too wired to go to bed, even though it's after midnight.

Totally worth it.

We saw Michael Franti tonight at Red Butte Garden. After Lori and I saw him last year at Red Butte Garden, we agreed to take the boys if he returned to Salt Lake City this summer. He did, and we bought tickets as soon as they went on sale last spring. Ben loves Michael Franti's music, and Michael generally likes concerts, so we were confident we'd have fun.

We had fun. So much fun. This might be the most fun concert I have ever attended.

I was surprised how many lyrics of Franti's songs Ben actually knew. He loved it when his favorite song, "I Got Love for You" was played. He was dancing, cheering while sitting on my shoulders (hence the sore legs) and singing along. Michael was a little more reserved and got a little tired during the middle of the show (he and Lori had gone on a long hike this morning) but still enjoyed the show. Both boys liked the beach balls that got thrown into the crowd during "Sound of Sunshine" (we even deflated and kept one).

After a quiet morning (I mowed the lawn and Ben played DS inside while Lori and Michael went on their hike), Lori dropped me off to Red Butte Garden around 3:30 to wait in line in advance of the gates opening. Maybe next time I'll show up earlier, but we still got a good spot on a lawn, on the side but only a few yards from the fence. Being so close only ramped up our energy.

Michael Franti will step down to the fence after his concerts to say hi to fans (some of his band members will too). We decided to stay (I had gotten to the fence by the end of the encore) to let the boys meet him. It took a little while, and our Michael got a little squished when a drunk woman tried crashing the group of people next to us, but he made it us, and Ben wrapped his arms around him for a huge hug. Michael F.smiled and gave him a guitar pick. I thanked him and said that Ben had the time of his life.

On the way back to the car, Ben was so wired and happy, and I told him how lucky he was. Most kids his age don't get to see their favorite musicians, much less give them a hug. Ben got to do both tonight. The concert would have been great without the kids. With them, it was spectacular.

I'm going to try and get some sleep now. My knee is numb from the ice. My ear is ringing.

Totally worth it.

To Day 83.


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