Summer, Day 93

Wow, what a long, eventful, great day. Next time you want to make the first day of school memorable, go to an amusement park afterward.

The boys were awake bright and early, eager to start their school day. Lori made them lunches and took pictures of them outside our maple, and we loaded into the Corolla to drive to day one of the 2012-2013 school year. One great thing about the boys' school -- a co-op school where parents help in class -- is that parents aren't shunned from the classroom if it's not their co-op day. No we're not encouraged to be there every day, but on the first day of school, to see how what our kids' new classes were like, we were welcomed.

I spent a good chunk of the morning in Michael's new 2/3 class and helped out a little after a co-oper failed to show. From the first couple hours, I could tell Michael is going to do great. As an older kid in his 1/2 last year, he became a role model and a good friend for the younger kids. On his first day as a third-grader, he answered a question explaining what quality work was, then was called on again by his teacher to reinforce the point.

That said, I am more anxious about Ben's journey through first grade then Michael's year in third. I'm always more protective of Ben, and I want him to have a great year. I probably should not worry so much. He had a great first day, mostly witnessed by Lori. He raised his hand and wanted to participate. He had fun at recess. He plopped down next to Michael in the cafeteria, and though he will need to sit with his own friends at lunch, he at least felt comfortable there today (I might meet him for lunch tomorrow to encourage him tomorrow).

After school, we went on our annual trip to Lagoon. Usually, this day occurs before school begins, but this year, the Lori's office moved the Lagoon Day to this week. So, we went straight from school to the amusement park. This was the first year Ben was able and eager to go on the bigger rides. He's lucky -- he's right at a height that he can go on most of the grown-up rides and most of the kiddie rides. However, I get the sense Ben will be one of those people content to forgo thrills for mellower rides. We saw this on vacation when he tried tubing, but was just as happy simply to sit in the boat. Today, he went on some more daring rides, but he said his favorite was the sky ride that carried guests across the park. He went on the wooden roller coaster (my favorite) and didn't want to go on again. Admittedly, Lori was nervous to let him go on some rides even if he was tall enough (he is so damn skinny, after all). Michael was more daring and went on a few rides by himself, but avoided some others. Next year, if Ben doesn't want to spin upside down, maybe we bring a friend for Michael to enjoy those rides with. I know I won't ride them -- in fact, I think I might have reached a tipping point with thrill rides. A few things I normally would enjoy (including a couple roller coasters) dizzied me a little. If Ben gets more brave, he and Michael can go on rides together (they rode a few today).

We rode the giant Ferris wheel around sunset, as we do every year. That was supposed to be our last ride, but we went on two more before coming home. The boys were in bed by 9:30 -- a little late for a school night, but understandable after the long day. Hopefully, they sleep hard all night and are ready for their next day of school tomorrow.

Day 94 will be much less fun-filled.


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