Summer, Day 85

I might not want summer to end, but damn, I'll be happy when it cools off a little.

We've endured the heat all summer -- worse than usual for Utah -- and most days I adjust. Today, the heat simply seemed oppressive. I'm outside after midnight typing this, but the air still feels warm, humid (this is unusual for Utah -- usually, the sun goes down and you get a little break).

Not surprisingly, I felt tired all day. Michael went to a birthday party. I ran a couple errands with Ben. Driving in the Corolla in this heat reminded me of when we moved to Utah and the two August weeks I spent here on my own (Lori had flown back to Madison in 2000 after we initially drove out here). The heat was something else back then, but I didn't mind because everything was new. Today, I did mind.

So what did I do for dinner? Grill in this heat. Thankfully, sliders cook up quickly. I took Popcorn for a walk after the sun went down, but even she was happy to get back in the house. Tomorrow, I'll deal with the heat again, but hopefully, I won't be so tired. And definitely, we'll find a pool in which to cool ourselves.

Day 86 beckons.


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