Summer, days 77-78

Sunday, our first day back from vacation, after a late flight back to Salt Lake City, went exactly as I had expected -- we recovered. I did make it to Shopko to buy an SD card reader, and Michael did go for two bike rides with his best friend. I unpacked. We watched a lot of Olympics, and I did get Popcorn out for about a 1-mile walk. And I slept -- not late after Michael and the dog woke me up, but I napped mid-morning. Recovery complete.

Today was the first of 16 days before school starts. My goal is to cram as much as we can into these 16 days. Today, the boys enjoyed a five-hour playgroup at the house of one of Ben's classmates (thanks, Tricia, for hosting!). I didn't stay for the whole time, going home for a couple hours kid-free. I had filled up the kiddie pool and sat out with my feet in the water (but not my whole self in the water for too long -- the sun hadn't warmed it up too much) and relaxed with a magazine. I eventually drove back to pick the boys up, chatted with the other parents, and returned home.

After dinner (quesadillas/tacos), we tried getting some bicycle time for Ben, who is competing in a triathlon Saturday but can't yet ride his bike. Lori and I decided to put training wheels back on the bike, and we went to Toys 'r' Us to buy some that fit. He went once around the block, which was longer than what he will ride in his race. After watching some Olympics, I took Popcorn for a 2-mile walk (my knee, though still swollen, is feeling much better).

Fifteen days left to get the most out of summer. What to do tomorrow ...

I accidentally repeat Day 78. You'll see.


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