Summer, days 99-100

My, I'm tired right now as I type this. The summer is wearing even on my summer posting project. I don't want to be quick about this, but I'm ready for bed. Let's see where I go with this ...

First, Tuesday, which was my first day co-oping of the new school year. And it is the first time in which I'm co-oping the entire day instead of splitting the co-op shifts between two days. This was by choice, and in the long run, I'm going to appreciate this more, but I was expecting some adapting to this schedule. By 1 or so, I was dragging a little. Next week, I need to sneak a soda (remember, I don't like coffee) in to drink before the afternoon co-oping. Otherwise, the day went well. I'm going to enjoy helping out in the boys' classes.

We got home and I napped a little. Then, we took Popcorn to Petsmart, where we were enamored with a feisty kitten missing an eye that was up for adoption. Thankfully, we came home with just pet food. I made sliders for dinner. I worked on some fantasy football preparation, and then hell, I was ready for bed.

Wednesday, I got some stuff done around the house and got the dog out for a walk. After picking the boys up from school, we went to the waterpark one last time before the season ends. Seven Peaks has afterschool hours this week, and it wasn't as crowded as a normal summer day. The boys had fun, but I arrived home dragging again. Ben might be catching a cold. I walked the dog again and watched "The Hunger Games" (just arrived in our mailbox from Netflix). And here I am, typing after midnight.

Summer fun with Day 101! OK, not really ...


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