Summer, Day 75; Vacation, Day 11

We needed to return the rental car at 3 p.m. today, so I knew the day would be intersected. We would do something in the morning, bring the car back, and then welcome my friend John for a visit in the evening. The boys, after their crabby day yesterday, got some play time when we visited my friend Marc, who has three boys and lives next door to his in-laws with a pool. The activity made them less jumpy and me less annoyed. It was good to see Marc, one of several friends I wish I could see every year but end up seeing once every two or three. We gassed up the car and got it back to the rental agency in time.

It was good to see John, too, who stopped by the house after he was done with work. My dad got us Giordano's pizza for dinner, thus satisfying my last Chicago craving -- stuffed pizza. After letting the boys stay up late to watch the Olympics, I finally got them to bed. I'm going to pack in the morning.

The last night on vacation is always a little sad. I'm going to miss being on vacation and spending time with my family, and I always try to take the last day in to recognize that I'm here, on vacation and at my dad's house -- a place my kids love so much -- and not at home. But I'm eager to get back home, too. The trip has been long and fun. We will have several hours tomorrow before our plane lives to wrap up our vacation. Then it's back home to see Lori, our pets, our friends, and everything we miss.

In the meantime, I'm going to eat the last piece of pizza.

Vacation is almost over, on Day 76.


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