Summer, Day 87

I'm working tonight, sitting on the balcony and overlooking a hazy valley. Will I associate haze with August the way I associate cloudy humidity, indifferent baseball and desperate inevitability with this month? At the very least, I'll associate this day with the smoky sky.

OK, this day wasn't so bad. The boys had fun, and work, despite this being the first prep football night, is bearable. Our plan was to go to the waterpark, maybe for our last morning/afternoon excursion there of the summer (we are planning to go after school a couple times). We got going early (for us this week, at least), loaded into the car, I turned the ignition ... and the car wouldn't start. Eventually, it started and we drove to the waterpark with the thought the battery would be recharged. I turned the car off, then immediately tried turning it on again ... and nothing. I walked the boys into the waterpark, where we found the friends we were meeting, and asked them if they could watch the boys while I tried figuring out what was wrong with the car.

I returned to the Outback, and it started on the first turn. I took it to a Sears, where they tried testing the battery but had to give it a charge to get a better reading. Lori eventually drove over and let me take the Corolla so I could drive back to the waterpark and relieve my friends. I tried having fun once I got to the waterpark, and there are worse things on a hot day. Ben insisted on going in the hot tub, twice, which sapped my energy. On a very simple concrete slide (almost like a fountain), I hit the water at the bottom and, I swear, water shot up my nose and bruised the back of my head (I still can't figure out how I lost the breathing out timing on water slides). I did go back on the slide upon which I flipped my tube last month, and I reached the splash pool intact. We left to meet our Lori to drop off the Outback at our mechanic after Sears said the battery was fine.

I took the boys through a McDonald's drive-through before arriving at the mechanic. After barely eating breakfast, the Double Quarter Pounder improved my mood. We eventually got home without a lot of time for me to relax before going to work.

The hazy sky is grayish-purple as night falls. I would take a picture, but my camera phone won't do it justice. The car is in the shop until Monday, when our mechanic will test what could have been preventing the car from starting (alternator, starter or fuel pump?). I have a feeling that on Monday morning, they will find nothing wrong with it. Hurray for the impending Saturday ...

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