Summer, days 88-89

I've been lamenting about the heat, haze and humidity all week, and the conditions haven't improved, even though rain, fronts and winds have been forecast for a few days now. After seeming to get better this morning, the haze returned to the point I can't see the mountains across the valley. This weather is making it difficult for me not to wish summer to end ...

Saturday, Michael had a birthday party in North Salt Lake, and I got a couple hours to myself. I looked for a primary-ruled composition book that Ben needs for school and got lunch at Jimmy John's. We returned home and relaxed in advance of the Real Salt Lake game we saw that night. We had rain checks we were given for this season that we needed to use, and Michael and I drove to Sandy to get tickets in the morning before his birthday party.

The game was fun, even though RSL lost 2-1 via a goal in the 94th minute. We were given tickets in the Supporters Section, near where the two major fan groups for the team sit. Next to us was the group of Latino fans, who had their own band (the drums pounded the whole game), chants, confetti, streamers and a giant banner they raised when RSL scored a goal. Most American soccer fans don't get this festive, so sitting next to the section unique, and ultimately, a lot of fun. Ben loved it, but the constant pounding got to Michael.

Today was uneventful. Outside sucks, even now near midnight because the air hasn't cooled off. Nobody felt too much energy, and I needed hours before I summoned enough effort to get outside (I went looking for a late-season lawn chair deal, already contemplating the boys in school and a free afternoon with my laptop, the backyard, and sun). I grilled steaks for dinner, and later, I took Popcorn for a long walk.

I have an odd feeling we are headed for the hottest September ever. I shouldn't have to look forward to November.

One last day before school starts ...


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