Summer, Day 74; Vacation, Day 10

The boys drove me crazy today. Whining, arguing, disobeying. I'm not sure if they were tired, were missing their Mom, or just bored, but they were on my nerves all day.

Today was low-key, and maybe that's what we needed, because any more activity might have pushed me over the edge. We took a walk on a nature trail at Peterson Park with my dad. Both boys enjoyed the walk, with Ben insisting about taking in the view from every bench he saw and Michael taking pictures. The highlight was seeing a mother deer with a fawn (which you can barely see in the picture, but it's there).After playing at the nearby park, we went for ice cream.

We always seem to have one day such as this near the end of vacation. We get back from Wisconsin, we have nothing concrete planned, and the day doesn't seem wasted, but rather, simply there. After dinner, the boys took a bath and settled down. While my sister watched the boys, I dropped my other siblings off at the pool they work at, then took my time coming home, cranking up the stereo to the Foo Fighters' "Walk" and seeing a giant orange moon rising in the east. The extra 10 minutes gave me enough of a recharge to look forward to seeing the boys who had been driving me nuts all day. We watched the Olympics for a little while, then I tucked them in.

Slug Bug update (and this was causing some of the stress): Michael 29, Ben 26, me 23.

And now, Day 75.


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