Summer 2013, days 97-102

Six days without blogging. Six days without any non-work writing at all. An eventful six days.

I did my first two co-ops of the year Tuesday and Wednesday. Ben is having so much fun at school already and has made a good new friend. Michael is stressed about reading but is happy to be back with his friends.

I conducted our first soccer practice Tuesday, combining the two teams into one workout. I tried an unofficial practice like this back in the spring and didn't get many kids. Tuesday, we got 17. That makes me optimistic for the season. I picked up all the uniforms for the season and got practice times on Thursday.

Wednesday, we went to the waterpark one last time. We met one of Ben's soccer friends and his family there. The day was so hot, so the waterpark was welcome relief (although the wave pool felt like bath water, but the one pool that is usually freezing wasn't as cold). Barely a crowd, either -- I love the waterpark after school for just this reason. We left about 7:30 and came home to dinner Lori made us.

My first fantasy football draft of the season was Thursday, and I was happy with my team. Michael's baseball team won Friday 14-5. I worked Saturday night and Sunday night, and got a lot of freelancing done in the meantime.

Just a few summer days left. Almost there ...


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