Eight years of blogging

I started writing The 43 in May 2007, meaning I'm coming up on eight years on this blog. I am happy it's lasted this long, and wish I had more than 664 (665 after I hit publish on this post) entries over that time. I am running into a slight problem: I'm forgetting what I have and haven't written about. With one goal being telling stories of memories, over eight years, I've written some that I'm ready to write again simply because it's been six years since I did so and it simply escaped my brain. My post on "Against the Wind" yesterday was a prime example -- I was surprised that I had written about the same thing years earlier.

Here's what I'm thinking: The memories are powerful enough for me to write about over and over, or I need to delve a little deeper beyond the obvious recollections. Have I written about the month of May in which we moved and Dad drove me to my old school every morning? Or about our trip to Wisconsin Dells in 1979? Or that first wickedly cold winter that Lori and I spent together in 1994? I know I haven't posted about my family's 1984 Florida vacation (though I did about or first trip in 1982), and that's on my radar since I missed the 30-year anniversary of it last spring. 

I should go ahead and repeat myself, even on accident, and not delete the old or the new post. I want to get to the next 665 faster than the first.


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