Spring breakin'

The boys are on spring break, for the first time with me working full-time. The week should be interesting.

My plan this week is to do as much with the boys as possible while still getting enough work done. I jumped ahead with some work over the weekend so I don't have to work a full 40 this week (I'm lucky that my schedule is flexible). This should be a good test for the summer, when the boys' schedule goes really bonkers.

I worked for a few hours this morning, then took the boys to the park while I ran with the dog. We met some of their friends there, and I drove all four to our house. The boys got an instant playdate, and I was able to work for three more hours. Then it was Michael to swim practice, the friends back to their house, and Ben to baseball practice, where I worked another two hours. So on this first spring break day, I managed to work 7 hours, run, and hang out with the boys a little.

Tomorrow, we may go for a hike in 80-degree temperatures (the cooldown is coming Wednesday). My goal is for the boys not to watch TV all week. So far, so good.


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