Summer 2015: Day 88

Today was our annual (though we didn't go last year, and I'm thinking we didn't go in 2013) trip to Lagoon. Lori's office sponsors a day mostly for clients, but also for employees, at the amusement park, and though both of us had to work into the early afternoon, we still got to spend a good eight hours at the park.

We met up with some friends there and spent much of the day with them. A friend of Michael's from school, who he will insist is not his girlfriend, met us there as well (she has a season pass and lives close to the park; her mom just dropped her off). The kids made it on a lot of rides. I escaped with only one spinning ride and twice on a rollercoaster that went upside down (Wicked), plus stayed dry the whole day.

The boys, after insisting they weren't going to go on scary rides, went on almost most of them. Michael's friend convinced him to go on a few rides I was stunned he would even consider (adding fuel to to the girlfriend argument), including the new Cannibal, which has a 116-degree beyond-vertical first drop. Ben went on Samurai a couple times, which has to be the most insane spinning/upside down ride ever devised.

I was able to ride my favorite, The Rollercoaster (how's that for an original name?), a wooden coaster that is an absolute classic. I almost got sucked into Colossus, a steel coaster with two big loops, but as we were in the car, the car ahead of us got stuck on the hill, so we were let out. I wasn't unhappy about it. We stayed until almost close, then drove Michael's friend home (I made him walk her to the door), then headed back to Salt Lake City.

Our Lagoon day is almost always right before school starts, and it's a signal that summer is coming to a close. But it's also a nice way to cap off the summer as well. The memories are in progress ...


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