Experiences, exponential

Every December, I enjoy driving with the family around Salt Lake City, looking at Christmas lights, listening to holiday music. The only challenge -- getting a free night in which everybody is free and has the energy for an hour or two in the car. Maybe I just enjoy the adventure more than everyone else, but each year, I try.

Last Wednesday, Michael wanted to stay home and Lori was tired, but I recruited Ben to look at the lights. Our first destination was a house up in the Avenues that is ridiculously lit up every year. We spent about 15 minutes just gawking, then went to Barnes and Noble for hot chocolate. We drove up onto the benches, stopped and gazed and the lights of the valley, heard three different versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside" and finished our night cruising through the country club neighborhood (not as impressive as you would think).

It wasn't much, just me and my 9-year-old, but it was an experience I hope never to forget. Remembering these moments, savoring them, seeking them out, and, yes, blogging about them, is so important. Some of these experiences we will inevitably forget; others will last. Either way, they are valuable.

To quote Styx, "Give me the lights, precious lights ..."


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